Mortgage Taboo


Assignments & Indorsements (Allonges)

For the private investor no other set of information has more of an impact than the chain of assignments and indorsements.  There is so much information in the public realm and not all of it is accurate.  Some of the inaccuracies come simply from public misinformation and is disseminated in blogs, public comment and even bar stool conversation.  Certain defenses made by distressed borrowers are taken out of context of the legal case and evolve into myth and misinformation.

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Navigating the Secondary Market

The “Secondary” or the secondary mortgage market is an interesting beast.  It is the place where loans trade for investment purposes.  Let us not confuse the secondary with the retail market.  The retail market is where a potential borrower shops to obtain a loan.  The retail market has a bit more structure and continuity than it’s counter-part, the secondary, as it is regulated to keep borrowers safe from misinformation and unscrupulous acts.  Many investors attempt to navigate the waters alone in the secondary and soon learn it is not all smooth sailing.   

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Note Due Diligence – Are You Doing It Wrong?

Due diligence is a topic that probably does not get talked about enough in note investing.  Yet it is vital to a successful note investment.  In addition, there seems to be a minimization of both the process and components of due diligence.  This post does not set out to teach you how to do due diligence but rather why you should talk to SDXS about our due diligence service.

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Whole Loan Mortgage (“Note”) Investing


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Today’s real estate and related asset market is an ever changing landscape of opportunities to participate in relative low risk good return investments.   The feature that most distinctly differentiates a whole loan mortgage or “note” investment from other investments such as bonds is the principal repayment method.  The timing and rate at which principal repayment occurs are major factors affecting a note portfolio or single note yield.   

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