SDXS provides Capital Management solutions for new and experienced whole loan (Note) investors, originators and managers.  Partnering with SDXS brings our clients the experience and expertise of institutional grade whole loan mortgage (Note) investment management practices and services in a comprehensive platform capable of being customized to each of our client’s needs.

Valuable Management Solutions

Capital Management partnerships vary in capital size and administration.  SDXS can provide a suite of solutions for high net worth investors, family offices and private placement investment funds.  SDXS develops customized portfolio designs and strategies for investors so they may take advantage of whole loans as a vehicle of investment while benefiting from the security of real property.

SDXS organizes and manages the structure of each asset for the investor either in a one off basis or portfolio.  SDXS is able to capitalize on the discounted purchase price and utilizing periodical cash flow of the portfolio as operational income to continue to work the portfolio to maximize returns.

SDXS investor solutions range from product sourcing (see our Loan Sales & Trading), loan level and portfolio pricing, loan file due diligence (see our Due Diligence & Underwriting), through to acquisition management and full disposition including servicing surveillance.  SDXS will work with each investor to create the value add relationship suitable to the investor’s operational needs, appetite for risk and return targets.

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