SDXS provides whole loan mortgage file due diligence services for single loan and portfolio purchases.  Our Due Diligence service is applicable to new investors looking to purchase a loan for the first time or experienced investor looking to enhance their operation with back office support.  Our due diligence covers all types of loans including commercial, residential, private originations, institutional originations and hard money loans.

Our product is a comprehensive and detailed due diligence product for a flat fee per file no matter the size of the portfolio. The SDXS due diligence service creates a normalized mortgage file whether the files are fully intact or have eroded in the secondary market over time and trading.

SDXS file due diligence includes:

Counter Party Risk Assessment
  • Buyer or Seller Vetting
  • Execution Risk Evaluation
  • Trade Payment and File Delivery Term Review
Collateral File Review
  • Security Instrument Review (Mortgage/Deed of Trust)
  • Promissory Note Review
  • Title Policy Verification
  • Assignment and Endorsement Chains
Servicing File Review
  • Servicing Correspondence and Log Review
  • Servicing Accounting Audit
Property Value Reconciliation
  • Broker Price Opinion Reports
  • Rehabilitation Price Demands
Property Title Reconciliation
  • Owner and Encumbrance Reports
  • Title Defect Resolution
Regulatory Practices Reconciliation
  • SAFE Act Compliance
  • Ability To Repay Rule Compliance
  • Qualified Mortgage Rule Compliance
  • Regulation Z and X Compliance
  • State Specific Compliance
Disposition Strategy Recommendations
  • Disposition Feedback
  • Loss Mitigation Feedback
  • Best Practices Strategies
  • Underwriting Guideline Development and Implementation
  • Underwriting Support and Execution
  • Underwriting Review and Workflow Analysis


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